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Located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Blue Bay produces handmade and award-winning dairy products from farm-fresh and locally sourced milk from grass-fed livestock.

For the past 12 years, Owner Andre Kogut has proudly produced Kefir at his dairy complex about 60km south of Melbourne. It is only now, however, that the world is catching up to him.

Andre grew up in the Ukrainian countryside in the green valleys of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. He learned to make kefir by his grandmother’s side. It was made in small batches from a small herd of hand-milked cows and sold or bartered to locals. ‘My grandmother would keep it cool to drink by storing it in a jar that was kept in a basket and lowered by rope into the well water. She would drink it as part of a meal for breakfast,’ he remembers.

Australian Food Award 2016

Australian Food Awards Gold 2015 & 2016

With milk freshness an absolute priority, Blue Bay collects milk directly from local farmers to turn it into fresh kefir within hours of animals being milked. By utilising a unique pasteurisation technique that requires time and patience, Blue Bay can ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients are retained, resulting in a better tasting product that is high in quality and taste, which is genuinely healthy.

Taste the Blue Bay difference and fall in love with Kefir! Read more: www.bluebay.com.au